Invierte en el Ramo de los Regalos

It does not matter if it is the Day of Love and Friendship, a wedding anniversary or a birthday: any occasion is a good excuse to show affection through a gift. For this reason, the gift market always offers good business opportunities, especially when the offer includes innovative and quality products.

One of the advantages of this category is that the Product options that you can offer are very varied, ranging from the classic stuffed animals to decorated balloons, sweets, chocolates and novelties. Also, take into account that the most successful stores include increasingly innovative presentations, with fruity arrangements of wooden, basket, plaster, brass, plastic or ceramic bases. Today metallic balloons have also become fashionable.

Know the seasons

Having good planning and organization will help you be prepared to meet demand in months like February and May when sales double or triple in just the first two weeks. Christmas is the third best time, ; while March and November register a drop in sales. On the other hand, in the June and July vacation period, income can be offset by school graduations, which demand both gifts and decoration of rooms.

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