Las frutas y el negocio de la salud

Do you know that you have to eat at least three pieces of fresh fruit a day? This is what most nutrition experts recommend. Although they may seem like many, if you organize it is easy to incorporate them into your daily diet. For example, start with a piece at breakfast, at mid-morning or at snack time, when you get hungry, another piece of fruit and after dinner, another. It's that easy to take care of yourself.

  • Fruits give us water , vitamins , minerals , fiber and different beneficial compounds for the organism.
  • for their antioxidants , prevent premature aging of cells, giving you cleaner, younger, softer and healthier skin and a better quality of life.
  • Consumed daily, fruits help us prevent various diseases such as cardiovascular problems, digestive disorders, some types of cancer and neurodegenerative diseases, in addition to collaborating in the fight against overweight and obesity. obesity .
  • They are sweet, tasty, have few calories and practically no saturated fat (those most harmful to the body), so they are a good treat when you are voraciously hungry.
  • Fruits give us a feeling of satiety as they contain fiber, so you will avoid snacking on junk food all day. In addition, its fiber helps us regulate intestinal transit and avoid constipation .

At Comeme we know the importance of fruit for our body and that is why our product is made with the highest quality fruit.

Treat your loved ones with a Fruity arrangement, Give the gift of health.

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