La franquicia y sus puntos claves.

When we plan to invest our money we find ourselves with the dilemma of investing between a franchise or setting up our own business, many times this uncertainty makes us restless because the weight of the decision is of the utmost importance for our future.

Today I will clarify some doubts or myths regarding investment in a franchise.

Is the franchise a 100% successful business? 

Franchises are created from a successful business that, due to its great acceptance of the product, requires rapid growth and the need for commercialization in other points of sale. Companies of this type are not exempt from facing risks of different magnitudes, that is, the The franchisor delivers a proven successful business to the franchisee, who in turn is obliged to replicate all aspects and the guidelines indicated. Reason why if you do not handle the same standards and attention transmitted it could not be the business of your dreams.

Now, if it is not possible to guarantee 100% success, what we can assure is that it is a business with much less risk than what we could face with an independent one.

People and markets do undergo changes.

Many investors and businessmen think otherwise, however we find ourselves with the reality of constant improvement in both processes and technology to produce and spread our brand to our target market, many times we have to make enormous efforts to avoid getting stuck. before the constant wave of changes.

As entrepreneurs we must be willing to accept that possibility and adapt to change when it occurs or becomes necessary. In the same way, we must be able to promote it, if it is an element related to innovation focused on the benefit of our business.

The power to make decisions lies with the owner of the brand.

It is very common to assume that in the franchise business both the franchisor and the franchisee have the same power, which is far from the case. We must understand that in these businesses it is precisely the franchisor who always retains a greater share of power, remember, it is his business! , which allows you not only to direct your business, but to make decisions on many occasions that are decisive for the fate of the Franchisees themselves. He has the knowledge of the brand, he is the one who experienced and suffered until he was able to make his business a successful model.

The “good” and “bad” franchises

Of course, everyone speaks as they do, based on their experiences. All of this is relative.

And in this sense there are no good or bad franchises; Well, those that work for some people may not work for others and vice versa.

Here it is important to highlight: if there are "better half", the accessories that can work for us. However, the bottom line is that we must work hard to find them. Fatalists succinctly state that this is impossible, but the business world is not based on assumptions but on capabilities, having a clear vision and a strong determination to persist until we find our right counterpart.

The path within the path of success is before your possibilities, you can make 2 important decisions if you join the traffic on that path or just sit and watch successful people pass by.

Only by living the business experience will you be able to realize and have an objective opinion about franchises.

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