Consiente a mama con sabor y estilo.

Mother's Day is one of the most beautiful dates of the year, it is an opportunity to reflect on why mom is a very important person in the lives of all of us, throughout her life, mom has always tried to be the woman more attentive and cute with, we all have valuable memories in which mom gave us beautiful things on children's day or on birthdays, so why not return the favor and give her a memory that leaves a good taste in her mouth?

Fruit arrangements are a tasteful gift for every occasion, but they shine especially on Mother's Day, because they perfectly accommodate the particular tastes of the queens of the home, they have a harmonious composition of colors and shapes that seduce at every glance, the elements and details that adorn them are reminiscent of traditional flower bouquets but much better, because they are made up of a careful selection of fruits that together make up a unique flavor experience, below we will explain some of them one of the reasons why eat me fruit arrangements are a great option for mothers day.

originality and good taste

One factor that turns fruit arrangements into a suitable gift to give on May 10 is originality, it is in very bad taste and it shows very little effort on our part to make the usual gifts, which far from cheering the mom's senses with creativity and things that please her, represent a disappointing experience, objects such as irons, extractors and other soulless gifts, show very little effort on our part to attend to mom's preferences and tastes, therefore they are not the better idea.

Be creative when giving

Fruit arrangements are also an invitation to find new and original ways in which we can convey the present to our mother, because they are beautiful, highly attractive creations that stand out on a desk, for example, a brilliant idea is to surprise mother in her work area, leaving the colorful arrangement for her to see when she arrives, mom will be delighted that the people around her and her co-workers are noticing the magnificent gift you had the good taste to give her in his day.

It is clear that such an important person does not deserve an anticlimactic and boring May 10, it is important to consider that the modern mother likes to be in contact with technology and social networks, definitely an iron is not exactly something worth showing off in her "timeline", a beautiful fruit arrangement will show everyone that you know how to get out of the mold when it comes to pampering mom, only in this way can unforgettable moments be achieved.

A taste experience

Mama knows that eating fruit is the best thing we can do to our body, it is a way of telling our body that we love it, that we care about it, that is why a gift that includes fruit delicacies will fit perfectly with their tastes, our fine selections play with the different nuances of the sweet flavor of strawberries, pineapples, apples and other delicious elements that mom will taste happily, in the end mom will feel the satisfaction of realizing that you have become a person aware of the importance of consume products derived from nature.

The advantage of having variety

Finally, a factor that distinguishes comeme fruit arrangements as a pretty and intelligent gift, is the wide possibility of choosing from a catalog specially prepared with designs to please mom, our arrangements are not just any product, they are true handmade creations Surrounded by the creative ingenuity of our specialists, they try to make a meticulous choice of colors, shapes and elements according to the occasion, which will steal a smile from mom.

Our arrangements represent different possibilities, for example we have bouquets made up of delicious strawberries and marshmallows, it is a mixture of tradition and originality, these gifts are distinguished by their presentation that draws everyone's attention when they see it.

On the other hand, our baskets are reminiscent of beautiful movie scenes surrounded by flowers in a garden, the joy of daisy, for example, has delicious slices of pineapple carefully made to resemble the shapes of daisies, the mixtures of color tones in this arrangement are exquisite , ranging from yellow to deep reds and soft pinks, reminiscent of classic Impressionist paintings with their vivid colors and exquisite shapes.

Another wonderful option is found in our beautiful boxes, either the heart box, which perfectly represents the love we share with mom and that has colorful decorated strawberries inside, or our surprise box which is decorated with a beautiful red color. on its surface that again reminds the color of hearts, and forms a true materialization of affection, these and many other options are housed in our catalogue.

Having this variety represents the opportunity to give something different to different loved ones, friends or co-workers, without having to go out and waste valuable time looking for a present that suits the tastes of each one, in cómeme we did the work for For you, we have prepared a wide catalog with different flavor and color options to turn this 10th of May into a special occasion. Come to the comeme branch in your city and don't miss out on your gift for Mother's Day.

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