Día de los fieles Difuntos

Traditions of November 2 Day of the Faithful Departed.
The vast majority of these traditions carried out on November 2 vary according to the different parts of the world, but in general, in the vast majority of places in the world, it is customary to go to the cemetery to pray, for all those people who no longer They are present here with us.
In France, both people of different ranks and of different creeds are in charge of decorating the sarcophagi of those loved ones.
In Mexico, the day of the faithful departed was combined with some elements of indigenous origin and from that idea, a kind of original celebration resulted and very different from any other that takes place in any other nation in the world.
What activities take place on November 2, All Souls Day.
The activities carried out on November 2 vary according to the different parts of the world, since in general each and every one of the cultures in these places tend to have certain specifications that are different from the others.

The most common thing on this Day of the Dead is that the vast majority of families who lost a loved one go to the different places where the body of that person is buried, bringing flowers or some specific detail that reminds them of the deceased. In other cases, many families tend to make November 2 a kind of sanctuary, which consists of bringing together all the members of the deceased's family, in the place where he is during each year.
Finally, many people usually make a kind of altar in a certain space, in this altar there is usually a photo of the deceased and some flowers as an ornament around it. In addition to that, these different altars can be made in various ways, but the most usual of them is the one that contains a kind of 7 levels, which are necessary to help the deceased on their way to eternal peace.

It is the one that generates the most conflicts within any couple, since it meddles a lot within them and tends to drown out the relationship little by little.

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