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Christmas: allegorical and symbolic joy.

On December 24 we celebrate Christmas Eve throughout the world, which has its particular ceremony on December 25 in all Catholic churches. Christmas is a festivity that is celebrated in all countries according to the typical characteristics of each region and its culture. The birth of Jesus of Nazareth is popularly celebrated within the framework of the winter solstice on December 24. Each Christian home places a representation allusive to his birth with figures that give life to this story and its history.

The allegory of Christmas:
The story tells that Jesus of Nazareth was a preacher of Jewish origin who was born between Galilee and Judea. He was crucified by the Roman government established by Pontius Pilate. The story of Jesus of Nazareth was found in the accounts of Matthew taken from the Bible His birth is celebrated throughout the world. Allegorical stories of his life were passed down by all generations following his death. His parents Maria and José lived in the Galilee region. Mary becomes pregnant without natural fertilization and conceives Jesus as a result of an angelic visit that represents the grace of the creator expressed in her womb. This allegory of his birth has various versions and is modernized in the New Testament.

Christmas celebrated around the world:
All Latin American countries celebrate these festivities and the atmosphere is filled on these dates with peace, brotherhood and solidarity in memory of the master of the cross. Mexico celebrates its Christmas with the representation of the life of Jesus of Nazareth in popular plays called the pastorelas and the posadas that carry the processions representing each of the biblical characters. Christmas bonuses accompany these demonstrations that take place during this time. Sweets, exquisite desserts and fruits are shared among those present as a demonstration of the brotherhood that prevails at Christmas.
Venezuela celebrates these dates of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth depending on the state in which it is located. In the Andean zone, the representation of the birth is made with allegorical figures at the moment called the paradura of the child. Processions and songs accompany the story of his birth while in other parts of this city the family celebrates the arrival of Christmas. Cities like Argentina, Paraguay, Spain and Puerto Rico gather as a family and celebrate with their surroundings sitting at the tables sharing delicious dinners and wines.

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