Mexico is characterized for being a very enthusiastic country, a country where there are plenty of excuses to celebrate any event during the year. For this reason, this time we are going to talk about the day of the compadre , for many considered a holiday where these best friends get together to celebrate so many years of friendship as well as being able to remember moments where one has been for the other unconditionally even though they are passing. for good or bad times.

When is compadre day celebrated? It's a holiday?

As a foretaste of carnival, on March 16 the compadres gather to celebrate their day. On this date, the compadres take the opportunity to offer a sharing among themselves, other friends and even the relatives of each one. However, there are many theories that say that this day is totally commercial, since sales drop considerably in the month of March, this may be an excuse to increase them.

In addition to this, there are other people who celebrate March 16 in a different way, some compadres meet at noon for lunch and once there they are in charge of asking for friendship, for godchildren and for the union of the family. Then with the arrival of the night some frequent meetings are held to dance and culminate the day of the celebration of the day of the compadre .

The comadres also have their holiday

After the compadres celebrate their day on March 16 , the comadres also celebrate theirs with the difference that they celebrate it a week later, exactly on the Thursday of the week following the day of the compadres . In the case of women, the comadres are more frequent at family gatherings where their friends can come with their children with the intention of continuing to share unforgettable moments together.

The truth is that although there are still people who say that this day is commercial, whether it was or not, March 16 is the perfect opportunity to meet and celebrate with those friends who have been with you through thick and thin and when you needed someone's support, they were always there, for that reason they become part of your family by being the godparents of your children. Just as there is Mother's Day, Father's Day and Children's Day, it is good that Compadre's Day is also celebrated .

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