Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el día del beso

The kiss is known as the contact that is made with the lips of another person . It is also possible to achieve it with objects. It is achieved by contracting them and at the same time separating them in search of denoting love, desire as well as respect and even as a method of greeting.

But did you know that kiss day currently exists and is celebrated worldwide? Find out all the details below.

the day of the kiss

Everything you need to know about International Kissing Day

This is celebrated throughout the world on April 13 of every year, it began to celebrate thanks to the longest kiss in history that lasted 58 hours and was carried out by a Thai couple in a contest.

The interesting thing is that this couple did not come out of nowhere, but they were looking to break the record of 46 hours in a row that they had already starred in some time ago. To be exact on April 13 of the previous year.

How is kiss day celebrated?

            The main thing you should know is that, although kissing is very common among all living beings, this is not a date as celebrated as many others. There are even people who do not even have knowledge about it.

But, for all those fans of displays of affection who know that kiss day exists, different activities are created. Like, for example, giving kisses to strangers on the street, holding contests for the best kiss, among any other type of event that may cause the lips to join.

For what reason is the day of the kiss celebrated?

            When a commemorative day is celebrated for something or someone, it is common to know their reasons. For example, we all know what we want to celebrate when we talk about Father's or Mother's Day. But talking about the act of kissing can be a bit confusing.

The true intention behind this celebration is to remind everyone how pleasant it is to kiss, and not necessarily the person we like or are in love with. If not in general, how good it can be for our physical and mental health.

We all know these acts for the formality in couples or the simple prelude to when they are going to have sexual relations, among others. But the truth is that carrying out a kiss is totally joyful and pleasurable in itself. We express all our sensuality and intimacy.

Has this ever caused a problem?

            Although it is an international holiday, there are many cultures that actually prohibit it from being celebrated for the simple fact that in their beliefs kissing another person does not look right. In the most drastic they could receive punishments such as jail and even death.

These benefits of kissing may encourage you to celebrate this day

If you have not yet found a good reason to celebrate the day of the kiss, we bring you a few that will make you see, beyond the emotional part, how beneficial a good kissing session can be.

  1. Kissing helps lower blood pressure

We know that kissing is emotionally good for your heart, but it will also give you an anatomical workout. It will increase your heartbeat in a healthy way and in this way it will lower your blood pressure.

  1. A kiss can eliminate cramps and headaches

A good kissing session helps the correct dilation of the blood vessels can really help you relieve any headache, no matter how intense it may be. That's why the “not today honey, I have a headache” excuse should be thought twice.

  1. A kiss can amplify your happy hormones

Most of the people who feel deteriorated or stressed is because they don't really have anyone with whom to practice love and have a good time making out with each other.

  1. Are you looking to lose weight?

What many people don't know is that kissing can help you lose a few calories. While you can't compare this action to spending a few minutes on an elliptical, it is possible to burn up to 16 calories per kiss.

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