El regalo perfecto para mamá

In Mexico, on May 10, 1922, it was officially declared a special day to celebrate Mothers. It was from this date that every day on May 10, regardless of what day of the week it is, the most important women in our lives are celebrated… mothers.


This tradition has gradually become one of the most important holidays in Mexico, where families gather to celebrate and spend time with their mothers, since they have always been an essential part of us and it is thanks to them that we can enjoy what is now our life.

I can say, without exaggeration, that Mother's Day is one of the most important Mexican holidays that we have to give away and taste the typical dishes of Mexican food. That is why we bring with us several recommendations that should not be missing this May 10. Continue reading this article if you want to know what is the perfect gift for this holiday.

It is true that any day you can celebrate our mother, but you cannot miss this party.

How is Mother's Day celebrated?

As Mexicans we have the habit of walking the streets in search of gifts that can brighten the hearts of our mothers a little. Sometimes we look for objects that manage to remind you how important it is at home, such is the case of household appliances, which are an easy but reliable way out for these dates. Another fairly common gift are beauty products, cosmetics and clothing, which are commonly given in order to highlight their beauty, although we all know that they do not need the slightest help to shine, since they are always the light in our lives. lives.

Also something unusual, but which is becoming a trend, is giving away mobile phones and trips, since most mothers today are part of the new technological generation. And a gift of that magnitude will always keep them connected to the digital world. Although it can also be a bit expensive.

All these gifts are part of the main ideas that come to mind, but if we are sure of one thing, it is that flowers and that special dinner with all the children can never be missing. In fact, thousands of people book restaurants in advance to celebrate Mother's Day in Mexico, and buy the perfect flowers because they know that one of the most anticipated festivities of the year is coming up.

Guided by the latter, we found an ideal option for this May 10. Something unique and elegant, something handmade and delicious at the same time. Something healthy that will certainly brighten your day.


We could have a huge list of the most luxurious gifts, which we know any mother would love. But, on the other hand, this time we will offer you the option to decide between our great collection of fruit arrangements, with the most elegant shapes, the most delicious flavors, and with the security of giving something unique and different, which we are sure you will love! !

In the same way, we will offer you actions that can make a big difference when it comes to celebrating a mother on her day.

Things you can't miss on Mother's Day

To celebrate Mother's Day there is nothing like surprising mom with a gift that shows all your love for her. If you are looking for original gift ideas for May 10, we share the following proposals.


Many people believe that investing a considerable amount of money is necessary to show the love they have for a person, this is how on Mother's Day they shine with the most expensive surprises they have been able to afford. And it's not something that we say is wrong or should be different, it's just that there are better options and just as important.

This is where celebrating Mother's Day with your mother can become something purely commercial. Since many companies tend to make "unique for this day" offers and promotions, encouraging people to continue with the belief that "the more it costs, the more special the ability to feel", when it is not.

This Mother's Day you can create a difference, since this may be the moment to send a note that you never thought of doing, to tell her the words of love that you have kept all your life and, above all, to be able to show her your unconditional support.

There are things that should never be missing and I am not saying only on May 10, but every day. Actions that don't even need explanation:

  • Do the chores that she does more
  • make her feel good with your words
  • Complete with something that she really loves
  • Show your support and listen carefully to their needs

We have infinite ideas for that long-awaited day, but what better gift than something that makes her feel loved and that contributes to the health of those we love so much without spending too much. That is why for this date we have created fruit gifts thinking of the mothers of Mexico, for which we invite you to learn more about our Mother's Day collection.

We hope that these are the results of the mother's day gifts that you have been waiting for and in the same way we hope that we have helped you make the right decision as to what will be the perfect gift for her.

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