Grita ¡Viva México! con Cómeme

Being Mexican is a source of pride for all of us who were born in this country, we have many years of history, reading about the exploits of our heroes is a true inspiration, that is why every year we take the opportunity to commemorate our pride, for which the best thing is to get a patriotic atmosphere that everyone can remember with pleasure as time goes by.

Over the years the September festivities have become a bit repetitive, the elements and decorations implemented look like repeated and boring versions, if what you want is to stand out on this occasion, it is best that you review different options to be able to give a life and different view of your event.

Each of the shades of our flag symbolizes something about our country, which is why on this occasion we have decided to be inspired by its colors to give our delicious products greater depth and a sense of patriotism, with the intention that you see an option in our fruit arrangements. different from other products such as flower arrangements.

A fruit arrangement is an option full of flavor and good taste like no other. At CÓMEME we have prepared a selection for this occasion that reflects and recalls the colors of our flag, which is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, and reflects many of the values ​​that distinguish us as Mexicans, each of these beautiful qualities we have placed in our fruit arrangements for your personal delight

The red color is reflected in saturated tones, this fiery color recalls the passion and sacrifice of our heroes, but it is also a symbol of the union that we have had as a nation at crucial moments in our history, strawberries carry this color and they add a lot of flavor to our arrangements, especially our signature arrangement of the season “Amor a la mexicana”.

For its part, green symbolizes the values ​​of hope and independence that characterize us Mexicans, this color makes its presence in the smooth consistency of the cucumber, its tropical flavor will delight your taste buds and will attract everyone's attention, the cucumber is a important part of our long live Mexico sit-in.

The white of the flag represents the purity of the Mexican faith, as well as our unique perseverance, this is also present within the colors and decorations of our products, our devotion and effort is something that always attracts attention, that is why we This color is of vital importance this season, and it is found in our “daddy goal”, an arrangement specially prepared to remember the love that Mexicans usually feel for soccer.

Our fruit arrangements will become the perfect element for your parties this September, but they can also be a prize or work incentive for your employees, turn one of our arrangements and platters into a gift for that person in your group of friends who always boasts of Being very patriotic is also a great idea, because in addition to being an original gift, it is highly nutritious.

Do not think twice, come to our branches to buy one of our fabulous products for the national month, at CÓMEME we love our country and we are specialists in creating unforgettable moments.

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